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1. Streets of Rome

Task: Explore the streets of Rome to find the two "Garden Keys" that let you access the "Philosopher's Gate". Grab the "Saturn Symbol". Finds & Enemies: 3 Secrets, 1 Weapon (Revolver, 2 LaserSight), 4 Artefacts/Keys (Golden Key 1, 2 Garden Keys, Saturn Symbol), Opponents (Dobermans, Flock of Bats, Larson, Swarm of Rats) Remark: The backstage area holds a training parcours with some goodies and a secret and can be skipped if you do not want to collect all goodies and secrets.

Backstage - Three Storage Rooms

Enter the area marked "Opera Backstage" on the left through the door. Upon entering Lara prompts you to climb on the wooden crate. Follow her instruction and continue onto the larger metal crate held up by the forklift.
(The passage leading away from the room is useless for now and serves as a way back if you fall down later on, in the room with the backdrop - an orange painted wall of a house attached to a metal scaffolding.)

SHORTCUT (If you are a little lazy, follow the passage and in the room with the backdrop use the next passage to get into a room with many wooden and metal crates. Use the crate in the right corner to climb up. - you will miss some jumping.)
Climb up to the left, and run along towards the metal grate. From there jump over to the other side and the metal grate there. Run through the passage and out on the other side, to come out on top of the backdrop, where you will be instructed to do a running jump. On the other side enter the passage on the right to get into the third chamber, a storage room with crates. Here you will be instructed to do a running jump with grabbing the ledge. (If you fail, you can use the metal crate below to climb up on the other side. This is also where you'd come up, if you shortcut through the storage rooms below, on foot.) Pull up on the other side. Run along the walkway and conquer the last gap with a sideway somersault. Step into the next room.

Backstage - Traversal and Crawling

Jump up and press action to hold on to the ceiling. Monkey swing forward. Let go when you've reached the other side. Climb the ladder. (Instructions) At the top climb to the right and around the corner.
Goodies: Turn around. Look towards the scaffold you just used to monkey swing. Make a standing jump to land on the scaffold. Collect the flares and the large medipack in the little gap you have to crawl into. Jump over to the pillar on the left. Collect the small medipack and jump back. Return to the platform above the ladder.
Crawl into the passage ahead. (Instructions) At the end of the passage turn around and lower yourself out of it by pressing backwards and action.

Backstage - Lever and Diving

Pull the lever ahead. (Instructions) Enter through the open door. Go down the stairs. At the other end of the room, turn left and climb onto the crates. On the top crate turn to face the pool opposite. Make a running jump to get there. Jump into the water and follow the passage. (Instructions) At the end, swim towards the surface to catch some breath. Now dive back down and into the opening on the ground. Follow the tunnel into a little chamber. Climb out and collect some revolver ammo, some shotgun-ammo and a large medipack. Dive back into the second pool. Leave the pool. (Instructions) Follow the path. Turn left into the little passage. Here you should practise with the tightrope. (Instructions)
Secret 1: If you jump down here - instead of using the tightrope or after using it - you can investigate another chamber. You can search the shelves. You'll find nothing in the right one. In the left one, you'll find some flares. The little one back in the right corner is movable. Push it twice. Follow the passage on the left. Collect the Uzi-Ammo on the floor. And on the shelf on the right, you'll find a golden rose, the first secret. Return into the passage outside and climb the crates to get back up.
You should be on the other side of the tightrope now. In the next passage, search the shelf on the right to find another small medipack. Follow the passage down. And use the lever at the end. Jump down and leave the backstage area to the right.


Go straight ahead. Turn right into the narrow passage. Draw weapons and shoot the dog running around the fountain. Turn into the passage on the right in front of the canopy. Follow the path around the corner. Grab into the hole at the end. (A gate in another passage will open.) Return to the passage from the beginning. (Exit the passage and go around the corner to the left.)

Climbing on the Wall

Now go through the archway on the right. And turn left into the passage you just opened. Grab into the opening. (This will raise a platform in the neighbouring chamber.) You'll meet a flock of bats. Turn around and run up the stairs. Climb onto the raised block. From there make a running jump onto the wall on the left. Collect the small medipack. Return to the raised block and climb up between the two pillars.


Run up the stairs and get outside. Run over the walkway. Drop down at the end. Shoot the window on the right. Here you'll find some revolver ammo. Follow the passage. Shoot the next window on the right. Here you'll find another medipack. Run down the stairs. Get your weapons out and shoot the dog. Push the door on the right. It will open. Behind it, you'll meet another dog. Shoot him as well. Pick up the large medipack. On the crate, you'll find some more blue shotgun ammo. Step outside. Now enter the passage opposite. Use the lever there. (It will open the door leading back to the fountain, but you never know.) Turn around and run back up the stairs. Shoot the last window on the right side. Climb in.

1st Key

Jump over into the building on the other side. Enter the passage on the left. At the end, climb up. Collect the Golden Key 1 and run back down into the first passage. Now take the other way up. (Movie.) Jump over the railing onto the canopy. Collect the flares and shoot the dog running around in the courtyard. (It might get necessary to jump down as the dog is hiding under the canopy from time to time.) Jump down and open the door with the key.

1st Garden Key

Run into the next courtyard. You will find Larson shooting at you from an upper window on the left. Shoot at him till he runs away. On the right, you'll find a small medipack. Now run to the left and enter the next building. Follow down the passage on the left. On the crates, you'll find the first Garden Key. Now run up the stairs. Again, you'll find Larson shooting at you. Return fire till he disappears. Now walk towards the rope. Press action and forward to walk over it. (If Lara staggers, press the opposite direction quickly. Then continue going forward again.) On the other side, follow the passage.

Revolver and LaserSight

Jump down. Use the lever. Turn and run to the left. Take the passage on the right. Enter the room on the left. Here you'll find some more revolver ammo. Return to the passage and follow it further. In front of the door, you'll find the revolver. Continue up the stairs to the left. Push the door open. In the chamber on the left, you'll find the LaserSight.

2nd Garden Key

Go to the inventory and combine the lasersight with the revolver. Draw the revolver. In the far right corner, you'll find a locked gate. Press the look button to aim at the lock. (You can zoom in by using the crouch button.) Shoot it. In the chamber behind you'll find the second Garden Key. Some rats will attack you. Leave the room and run back down the stairs.

The Garden

At the end turn left. Run forward. Turn left to come to another courtyard. Use the two garden keys at the slots. (With two sidesaults, you get from one slot to the other.) You'll see the door opening. Leave the yard to the left. Turn right around the corner. Here you'll find the open gate. Run towards the gate with the dragon heads. (Movie: Lara will use the Mercury stone on the door. She is watched from the rooftops by Pierre and Larson.)


Back in the right corner behind the gate is an open passage. Run up. (The Movie will show you a bell.) Run out into the yard and get out the revolver. Aim at the bell high above and shoot it.
Secret 2: Run back down the stairs and back into the garden. (If you want to waste some energy, you can run up the stairs and drop down through the window on the left. Then you have to run down the stairs and turn right.) Get back onto the street outside. Turn right. Turn right again and into the opening on the left. There the gate is open. Shoot the dog. Search the racks. In the left, you'll find a large medipack and on the right, you'll find a golden rose. Return through the garden to the yard with the bell.
Goodies: Climb onto the left pillar. From there turn left and jump onto the wall. Follow it around. At the end, take a running jump over to the red roof. Follow it. Jump over to the building on the right. Collect the large medipack and some revolver ammo. Now return to the yard again.
Run up the stairs. On top, you'll find another LaserSight. On the left, you'll find an opening. Climb in. Take a running jump over to the opposite window. In that chamber grab into the hole. Jump back to the other side. Go to the top. Collect the revolver ammo and step inside the temple.


Run into the passage on the left. Follow it to a lever. Use the lever. (Movie: One of the ravens on the pedestal becomes a dove.) Run out and walk up to the dove. Press action to turn it. This will open a passage. Now run into the passage on the right. Run up the stairs. Take care, you'll find a bettering ram there. Step outside and hang from the ledge. Shimmy around the right corner till Lara can pull herself up again. Use the lever there. (Movie: The other raven becomes a dove.) Drop back down. Now go towards the second dove and turn it as well.


Leave the room and get back outside.
Secret 3: Again, jump through the opening on the left into the neighbouring building. There a gate has opened. Collect the golden rose and return to the yard.
In the yard, the middle passage is open. Get in and collect the Saturn Symbol. Turn around and run up the stairs to come to the next level.
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