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Lara Croft GO Trophäen

(PS4 / PS Vita)
A true adventurerCollect all trophies🏆
Key of SnakesCollect the Key of Snakes🏆
Key of StonesCollect the Key of Stones🏆
Key of SpiritsCollect the Key of Spirits🏆
Atlas of BeyondDiscover the Atlas of Beyond🏆
ArchaeologistFind a Relic Fragment🏆
HistorianComplete a Relic🏆
Preservation SocietyDestroy all Vases🏆
CuratorComplete all Relics🏆
OphidiophobiaKill the Queen🏆
Getting craftyStack two Pillars🏆
Master BuilderStack three Pillars🏆
Gathering mossGet crushed by a Boulder🏆
Into the abyssKill a creature by making it fall to its death🏆
Put this apple on your headThrow a spear six nodes or father🏆
Immortal no moreUnearth the Shard of Life🏆
Déjà-vuSlay the same creature four times in a row🏆
Back to realityReturn from the Mirror of Spirits🏆
Put this apple on your head
Machbar im Kapitel "The Maze of Stones", im 3. Unterabschnitt "The Terrace of Forked Tongues".
"Throw a spear six nodes or father"
Master Builder
Machbar im Kapitel "The Cave of Fire", im 6. Unterabschnitt "A Slow Ascent".
"Stack three pillars"
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