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13. Red Alert

Up the Stairs

Stay where you are. Look up the stairs, there you'll see a guard. Get your rifle out, switch to swiper mode, zoom in and shoot him in the head. You can't go further down, so go up the stairs. Make a standing jump over the first gap in the stairs. Turn left and make a running jump to the next platform. Grab the ledge and pull yourself up. Run up the stairs and up to the left. The helicopter outside will fire and the stairs under you will collaps. Quickly press action and grab the ledge.
Secret 1: Climb into the alcove on the left and collect the golden rose. Return to the stairs. And climb further up.
Climb up. (Another part of the stairs comes down.) Walk up and again make a standing jump.

The Crawlspace

Turn left and make a running jump. Grab the ledge and pull yourself up. Don't run up the next part of the stairs as they will collaps sideways. Make a running jump to get over them and grab the ledge of the platform. This platform will be set on fire. Avoid the burning part. Shimmy right and pull yourself up. Go forward to the cracks in the wall and press action. Lara will kick that part and open up a passage. Crawl in and around the corner to the left. In the next room the position of the camera is very very bad. Run forward and to the right. You can see a handle on the ceiling. Stand under it, facing towards the far wall, jump up and press action to pull it down. Climb out on the right wall and shoot the guard. (If you wait to long the guard will jump down to you.)

The Lasers

Climb onto the lower crate and collect the hook. Now climb onto the higher crate and collect the ammo. Get down again. Before entering the passage note the hissing sound these are the lasertraps in that passage. Take out your rifle and aim at the vent opposite. Now you can see the lasers. (If you put on the headset and press action you can see even more of them.) The markings on the ground indicate where the lasers really are. Walk up to the first one.

1. It goes up and down a bit. Disappears. Reappers goes further down and dissappears for a longer period. This is your chance. Step through.

2. The second one goes down from very high up. Disappears. Reappers, goes down further and again up. Then you can get through.

3. Up on a lower level, up and down on a higher level.

4. Up. Down.

5. Up. Down.

On the other side climb onto the higher crate and collect the large medipack.

Grappling Gun

Run along the passage. The lift opens and a soldier steps out. Shoot him. Step inside and use the lift. Step outside and shoot the next soldier on the left. Approach the second glass door. It opens. (The first one and the two on the other end won't open yet.) Step inside. Collect the ammo on the left. (Just push action while standing in front.) Now push the button to activate the targets. Shoot them. This will open the door on the left.
Secret 2: If you shoot them all before they cross the last line the room on the right will open. In order to do that set the rifle to sniper mode, press the look button, zoom in just a little, and shoot them in the order middle left, far left, right, far right. Now the door in the room on the right is open. Enter. Collect some more ammo. The door closes behind you. Press the button here as well for some more target practise. But beware the room will be filled with gas. So actually you don't have a choice. You quickly have to shoot ten targets. The first one appears in the middle. The second one on the left. The third on on the far right. Then one on the right and on on the left will appear together. Shoot the one on the right first as it is not only the closest but will cross the line first. Now two more targets will appear at once. One on the left and one on the far right. The one on the left is the quickest and also at the same spot you already are. Shoot it first, then shoot the one on the far right. Now three targets will pop up at once. Shoot them in the order middle, left, right. If you've shot them all before they crossed the middle line the door opens. Leave the room. Head up the passage. Enter the room on the left. Here you'll find some ammo and a golden rose.
Now enter the other chamber opposite. Pick up the ammo on the floor. Some of the racks are secured with red lasers. You cannot get to these weapons. One rack is secured by green lasers. The green lasers will trigger an alert and a guard will appear. Pick a Grappling Gun and then shoot the guard. Collect the hook in the far left corner. Now enter the next room. Shoot the guard coming out from behind the crates on the left. Now climb onto the block in the right corner and jump up to the bigger crate. Pull yourself onto it and collect the ammo.

First Rope

Take out the grappling gun and aim at the grating in the middle of the ceiling. This will get you a rope. Climb down and onto the lower crate in the middle, next to the big one. From there jump towards the rope and grab it. Slide down to the bottom part. Start swinging towards the wall. You might have noticed the cracks. Press the jump button to jump over to the wall. If you don't let go of the action button Lara will immediately grab the ledge. Shimmy right and around the corner. Pull yourself up into the passage. Slide down. Take out your weapon. (Remember to change back to the rifle. You can't shoot someone with the grappling gun!) Zoom in and shoot the two guards coming up the stairs in the head. Run back into the passage and enter the lift again. (We got what we wanted, the Grappling Gun.)

Lasers Again

Press the button to return to the other level. Get out and shoot the soldier waiting for you. Now you have to get back through the laser passage. Remember the sequence:

1. Up. Down. Get through.

2. Up. Down. Get through.

3. Up - lower level, up and down - higher level. Get through.

4. Down (higher level). Down and up. (lower level) Get through.

5. Up and down.(higher level) Down. (lower level) Get through.

Drop down through the trapdoor and crawl back through the passage till you're back at the stairs.

Second Rope

Take out the grappling gun and shoot at the half crashed stairs above. Now jump towards the rope. Swing over to the opening. Jump in. You have to jump immediately in order to get over the fire. (Lara will slide in otherwise.) Press action to grab the ledge. Pull yourself up. Crawl into the passage and to the left. You'll come to another opening. Look down into the room, you can see some crates and a bar. Downstairs you'll find a guard who will trigger the alert if he sees you. Turn around and hang from the ledge. Drop down and draw your rifle while dropping. (Remember to switch back to the rifle. Lara might not switch to the rifle while crawling.) Immediately make a roll and shoot the soldier in the head before he can trigger the alert. (In case you were too slow, you have to hide behind the crates or reaload from an earlier savegame.) Collect the large medipack. Use the lever on the left to open the door.

The Lift

Turn left and press the button of the lift.

Bug Warning:
After pressing that button don't save till the doors of the lift have opened again. Otherwise they might not open at all.

Step inside and press the button there as well. Let the lift take you to another level. Exit the lift. Shoot the two soldiers coming down their ropes.

Bug Warning:
If they don't appear you have triggered another savegame bug, I haven't located the cause for this yet, it has been reportet by other fans.

Note the hatch Lara is looking to when running around in the room.

Ceiling Trapdoor

Run towards the symbol on the left side of the door. Turn around and make a running jump onto the rope. Swing over to the big pillar. Press jump to land on it. Jump up and press action to open the hatch. Inside you'll find another soldier. There's also another soldier shooting at you from behind. Kill them both. (With a little trick you can avoid them. Walk up to the wall. Jump up and grab the ledge. Pull yourself in. This way Lara will not open the hatch and the two guards will not be triggered.) Follow the passage. Run towards the button, before you can press it the floor will give way and you'll slide down.

First Cyborg

Drop down into the next passage. You'll come to a room with laser-blocked passages. Turn into the passage on the right. (Have a look at the passage on the left, to see what you can expect soon.) Turn into the next passage on the right. Crawl in. Climb up the ladder. Approach the gate.

Bug Warning:
If you save here you might find that if you reload the room is already flooded. And in that case you won't be able to open the gate of the passage overhead which is opened by shooting the vent.

It will open. Down in the next room is a cyborg. Drop down quickly. Climb onto the crate. If you crouch there you might be safe from the gunfire from time to time. Take a look around. Right of the passage where you came out you can see a vent.

Bug Warning:
If it's not there you have triggered the above mentioned savegame bug. Return to a previous savegame.

Shoot it. This will fill the room with water. Now you have to shoot at the cyborg till he starts to crackle. He will eventually die of systems failure. When the cyborg drops you can collect the ammo. (In case you ran out of ammo you can pick up more ammo here everytime you've ran out of it again.) Now you have to work your way up. But don't drop into the water. That would mean instant death. Now there are two ways to get up onto the roof of the shaft.

a. Using the sloped Block

Make a running jump over to the slope right of the vent. Grab the ledge and pull yourself up. Jump to make a backsault. Jump again and again to land on a safe platform behind you. (In case Lara slides down again you have to jump from the ledge to the pillar in front, otherwise Lara won't be close enough to land on it. In that case only grabbing the ledge will help.) Now you can savely drop onto the grating next to you.

or b. Difficult Jump

Face the shaft you came out of. Make a running jump a bit to the right of it and in the air press left to get onto the grating behind the shaft.


Collect the hook. Now climb onto the roof of the shaft. Take out the grappling gun and shoot at the grating in the middle of the ceiling. Jump back once from the edge. (Very important or Lara will not be able to grab the rope.) Make a standing jump forward and grab the rope. Start swingig towards the tunnel ahead. Press jump to leave the rope and action to grab the ledge of the passage. Pull yourself in. Use the lever at the end. (This will drain the water and close the door of the shaft.) Return outside. The water is now gone.

Bug Warning:
If you save after pressing the button and before collecting the left part of the key you will trigger another bug. There will be no difference now but if you reload from this savegame the buttons effect will be gone, meaning the water is back in the room. As long as you are in the passage just use the lever twice to drain the room again. If you have saved down in the room you might be standing in the water, dying immediately.

Drop down. Pick up the large medipack. Then run towards the cyborg and collect the left part of a key he has dropped.


The door of the shaft through which you entered the room is closed. Return to the passage with the lever high above. On your way there collect another hook on the grating. (Now you can save again!) Hit the lever again. Now the water has returned to the room and the gate has opened. Make a running jump over to the top of the duct. (If you jump straight ahead Lara might grab the rope. Swing over to the duct's roof.) Hang from the front side. Let go and grab the lower ledge. Climb back in. Jump down and crawl back through the passage. Now the passage ahead is clear.


As soon as you step out you can hear the helicopter outside. It will start shooting at you as soon as it can see you. (Run down the passage. You might want to check out the passage on the left to have a closer look at what you have to do later. You'll see a passage with a lever in a tunnel underneath. At the end is a room which can be locked by two doors. If you run around to the left you'll come to the lever which will close the two doors.) Run ahead. (You can always take a break behind one of the pillars.) Stay behind the pillar on the right side. Make a running jump over the first pit and drop onto the crate. Ahead on the left you can see a crawlspace which is hidden from the helicopter by a crate. Turn left and drop onto the ground. Run over to the lower crate and crouch behind it. Crawl in and collect a large medipack.

Little Room

Crawl back out again. Turn back to the right while still crouching and run back to the alcove beneath the big crate. Climb back onto the crate. (Wait for the helicopter's shooting to stop, it will start again soon enough.) Make a running jump over to the next platform's ledge. Pull yourself up quickly. (The helicopter can get you here.) Drop down into the next pit, again you are safe for a moment. Collect the large medipack there. Climb onto the crate on the left. Again make a running jump to reach the next ledge. Grab it and pull yourself up again as quickly as possible. Jump over the last pit and run into the passage ahead.

The Bar

Bug Warning:
Don't save immediately after pressing the button or you might trigger the next bug which will cause the cyborg to drop into the last pit and he can't get out of it. I was able to save in the little room, a second before meeting the cyborg, without triggering anything, not even after reloading. But if you want to try that make sure to keep an earlier savegame as well.
In that room you are safe for the moment. Go towards the door on the left. As soon as you step out the helicopter is back. Take a good look from the doorframe. You can see a bar. You have to crouch behind the counter on the right. So run behind the bar to the right and press crouch. Crawl forward till you come to the switch. It's safe to stand up again. Save! Then press the button. Crawl back towards the gap in the counter stand up and quickly run back into the room on the right. There you'll encounter another cyborg. Ignore him for now.

Trapping the Cyborg

Run back down through the hallway and jump over the pits. Enter the passage on the right. Sprint down. (Very important in order to be quick enough to make it to the button before the cyborg left the room already.) Turn around to the left and left again. Hit the button as soon as the cyborg has passed overhead to lock him between the two doors. Leave the passage and turn left.

Gas filled Rooms

You come back to the lasers. This time they block the other two passages. Run towards the door on the left. It will open when approached. The chamber behind will be filled with gas. (The door on the left stays closed.) Run to the door ahead. It will open. The next chamber will also be flooded with gas. Turn left and run through the next door into the next gas chamber.
Secret 3: In the little crawlspace on the right is the next golden rose.
Jump onto the block there and flip the switch. Turn around and exit through the door behind you again. Shoot the two soldiers in the next room. Use burst mode if you have enough ammo. Run back through the door on the right. Turn right again, the door there opens now. Jump onto the crate and flip the switch. You can see the cyborg running around in the next room. If you've flipped the switch the gas will be transfered to his room. He will soon drop dead.

Right Part of Key

The doors around you are now closed. Hit the switch again to get the gas back into your room. Leave the room again. Go through the door on the right to return to the laser-blocked passages. Turn right again. Run down the passage on the right and use the lever to open the door to the room with the now dead cyborg. Run back up and turn right. Collect the right part of a key.

The Final Door

Run back up the passage to where the helicopter is waiting behind the window. Turn right and right again. Then turn left. Climb back into the shaft. Turn around and jump towards the ladder. Grab it and climb up. At the top climb to the left and enter the next tunnel. Drop through the gate. Climb down from the block and run towards the slot at the door. Combine the two key parts and use the key on the door. Enter the passage to end the game.
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