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10. Old Mill


(If you cross the platform ahead a demon on a horse will attack you.) So instead enter the passage on the left. Follow it to the pit. Jump down. Cross it and climb up at the other end again. (OR: make a running jump across it and grab the ledge.) Run up to the right. You'll come to the open. In front of you is a canyon with a rope above it. (In the camera-sequenz you can see two demons coming out of a cave and a torch lying on a platform above you.) The little demons will start throwing stones at you. Make a running jump towards the rope and hold on to it. Slide down to the bottom end. Turn around till you can see the platform with the torch. Start swinging. (Use the sprint key.) When you are above the platform with the torch press jump to land on it. Pick up the torch. Slide down to the right to end up back on the entrance platform. Enter the passage again. This time follow the path ahead.


In the passage a flock of bats will attack you. Collect the small medipack on the right. Then follow the passage down to the left till you find a burning torch. Light yours on it. Return into the open. Go towards the ledge. Press draw weapons to drop the torch. This will confuse the demons and they will start running in circles and stop throwing stones.


Jump back towards the rope. Turn around to the left till you can see the fence. Start swinging the rope and jump onto that platform. The third bar from the left looks a bit different. Position youself in front of it and press action. Lara will break the bar and put it in her backpack. It can be used as a crowbar. Drop back down onto the entrance platform.
Alternative Route

Or: b. One difficult Jump

Return to the rope. Turn till you see the left end of the crawlspace, where a passage is leading into the rock. Above it is a gap in the ledge. Aim for that gap. (See picture!) Swing the rope and jump when you are above that space. While dropping hold down the action button to grab the ledge of the crawlspace. Shimmy left and climb into the passage.

a. Jumping around

Now return to the rope. Start swinging towards the stone pillar on the right. Jump over. Lara will slide down. Quickly grab the ledge. Let yourself drop down. (Lara will lose some energy.) Turn around and run into the little passage. Collect the large medipack. In the back are two stone pillars with a little green ramp between them. Get up this ramp. Turn left and jump up to grab the ledge of the pillar on the left. Shimmy left. Pull yourself up and hold down the jump button, Lara will jump onto the pillar behind her and on to the next one. Before you reach that, press action to grab its ledge. (You might want to save here.) Shimmy to the right corner. Pull yourself up and jump after sliding down a bit. Again hold the jump button down to make the next jump as well. And grab the ledge. Crawl into the gap.


Follow it to the end. You'll come to a very low ceiling. Turn right and crawl out backwards. Hold on to the ledge and shimmy left. Pull up into the next gap. Crawl backwards down into the hole. Collect the large medipack. Then walk towards the chalk wall and use the crowbar to break out a piece of chalk. Now crawl out again. You'll land on the platform with the demons. (Be careful. Lara might slip if you come to close to the egde.)
Secret 1: Crawl under the sloped ledge. Follow the passage and collect the golden rose at the end. Crawl back out again.
Now carefully walk towards the edge. (Lara will slide the last bit and stop just at the ledge.) Make a standing jump forward to land on the platform underneath the entrance platform.


Climb up and return to the passage. Turn left and cross the pit. Back out on the other side, run to the dark brown platform. Stay on it. Press action and use the chalk. (Movie: Lara will draw a pentagram. The demon returns, but the priest interferes. The demon captures the priest.) Slide into the passage ahead. (Movie: The demon appears still holding the priest captive. He tells Lara to stop the floating water, which is holding him back, or the priest will die.)

Wind Mill

Turn left and run between the watermill and the barn where the demon disappeared. On the left side of the barn is a running stream. Turn right. Jump over the stream. Follow the tunnel. You'll come to a windmill.
Secret 2 (1st Opportunity): Run forward and into the left corner. Crawl into the gap on the left. Collect the large medipack. Then sprint through the fires and jump into the pool on the left. Get back out and collect the golden rose. Jump back into the water and climb out to the right. Jump into the next pool and swim to the other side. Climb out and run back into the open. You can also leave that for later when the traps are inactive.

Silver Coin

Take a look at the mill. (Note the crane with the rope on it.) Jump into the water in front of the mill. (You'll now find out that there is a cage on the other end of the rope.) Dive down and around the mill to the left. You'll come to an area with a silver coin on the golden shimmering ground, but a sea creature is guarding it. You have to be quick to collect it. Stay a bit away and look towards the coin. Wait for the creature to swim to the right. Then you have to act quickly. Swim towards the coin, stop there and press action. (If you were too slow, a movie will start. The creature will attack Lara and struggle with her. After the struggle swim towards the surface and get some air. Try again.) Then you have to flee. Dive towards the cage and press action. Use the coin on the door. (Movie: Lara will put the coin in the cage. The creature will follow it in. Lara will then close the door. The little demons will do the rest.)

Inside the Mill

Dive up to get some air. Now dive back to where you found the coin and dive into the passage. Dive up the tunnel. Climb out. Follow the path. You are now inside the mill. (In the water is a passage with a closed door.) Run up till you find the wheel. This will pull up a door on the other side. (But as soon as you let go the door closes again slowly.) You have to be quick. Make a sault to the left. Run forward and at the edge jump to grab the bar. Swing around and jump to reach the other side. Turn around to the right and jump onto the next platform. (Or: Turn a bit to the right and make a sault to the right.) Quickly crawl under the door.

The Lever Inside the Mill

In the chamber behind a flock of bats will attack. (Don't slide down yet.) Go towards the edge in front of the slope. Jump up and grab the ledge. Pull yourself up. Turn around. Jump towards the wall pressing action to use the lever there. (The underwater door opens. And the stream left of the barn is stopped.) Now slide down and jump into the water. Dive through the tunnel. Dive to where the cage was. There is a tunnel. Dive in. Swim towards the surface and climb out.
Secret 2 (2nd Opportunity): Run over to the right, where there is the caveopening in the wall. Crawl into the gap. Collect the large medipack. The fires are now out. Collect the golden rose. Now get back outside.

Back at the Barn

Run back into the passage. Jump back over the stream and return to the barn. Go towards the left side of the barn and jump into the stream which is now quiet.
Secret 3: Dive into the tunnel. Follow the first passage on the left. Climb out at the end and collect the golden rose. Get back into the passage and dive back out again.
Pull yourself into the passage on the right. (Left if you didn't get the secret.) Climb up into the passage ahead. Crawl through. Turn around and crawl out backwards. Follow the passage and crawl again. Climb up on the right wall.

On the Roofs

You're now on a platform high above the barn. Turn towards the stone platform on the left. Slide down the slope and jump onto the platform. Turn right. Make a running jump to land on the first window of the barn. From there jump onto the overhanging roof. Continue with another running jump onto the second window. Turn right. Face the upper ledge of the mill roof. Make a running jump towards it, grab the ledge and pull yourself up. You might have to change direction a bit while in the air to be able to grab. Crawl backwards into the gap. (You have to be exactly in the middle and you have to press crawl as well as action. Alternatively, use a move that is new in TR5: Crawl towards the middle of the gap forwards. Then press jump and action at the same time to roll down.) Use the wheel inside to deactivate the water wheel.
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