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9. Labyrinth

Opening The Door

You are beginning this level in the church. Note the door on the left. This is the one we want to open. Run down into the church and get through the gap in the seat rows. Turn right and run along to the front. There you'll find three buttons. The right combination is: Middle, Left, Right. If you got it right you will see another video, where the seat rows are moved and the door at the back opens. (If you got it wrong you will hear the sound of the resetting buttons. This is not an opening door!)

Bone Dust

On your way back you'll meet 5 half invisible skeletons with swords that are trying to stop you. But at least they are staying in one place. (If you take another route they can't harm you.) Turn to face the cauldron and run between the first two seat rows. Get to the other side. Run behind the pillar to the back and at the last row turn to the right sharply. Run towards the door. (Movie: Watch the ghost. He is fiddling with the knob on the last seat row.) After the video Lara is turned in the other direction. Turn around and enter the other part of the church. Go towards the knob and press action. Lara will then loosen it and collect some Bone Dust. Run forward and pick up the small medipack.


Return to the other part of the church and take the safe path back to the front. Walk up to the cauldron in the left corner. Use the Bone Dust on it. This way you'll get rid of the skeletons. Return to the backside. The door on the left is now open. Enter the passage behind.
Secret 1: Don't slide down yet. Pull yourself up onto the wall ahead. In the alcove is a very well hidden lever. Use it. Get back down and back out into the church. Enter the chamber opposite once more. The door on the left is now open. Enter. Collect the large medipack and grab into the hole to get the golden rose.

Turning Tower

Now return to the other door and slide down. A flock of bats will attack you. Drop down into the hole. You'll end up in a pool. Pull yourself up onto the walkway. (Movie: The ghost appears overhead and shows you the exit.) Follow the walkway up. (There are three passages in this staircase, each leading out to a different stage of the turnable tower. The lowest one leads to a chamber with a lava floor. The next one leads to a room with fireholes on the floor. And the upper one leads to a room with stars on the floor which indicates spikes. You might want to explore all three passages before doing anything. The upper two will lead to a dead end for now.)

First Staircase (Symbol: Head with Horns)

Follow the first passage on the right to a small medipack.
Secret 2: There is a gap in the railing on the left. Make a running jump forward and grab the ledge. Shimmy around to the right. Pull yourself up into the alcove. Turn around and make a running jump onto the next bridge. Enter the passage and collect the golden rose at the end. Return the way you came.
Then head on to the turnable tower and use the lever inside. (This will turn the towers in the lava and in the fireholes chambers once to the left.) Exit through the passage on your right.

Second Staircase (Symbol: Two Figures with Sticks)

Stuck after using Lever
Despite my warning you have used the lever and find yourself stuck?

This lever has turned the tower in the spikes room once to the right.

On the right you come to the tower you came from. In the lowest and the uppest passages the paths are blocked.

The passage behind you leads back to the first tower. The lowest and the uppest passages are blocked.

So you can only return to the tower where you've made a mistake and undo it.
You are now in the second staircase, still at the bottom. Run up. (In the upper chamber your way is still blocked.) If you turn right at the first opportunity you'll come back to the turnable tower in the chamber with the fireholes. (Don't use the lever!! You'll find that the passage on the right is already open.)

Third Staircase (Symbol: Single Figure with Book and Staff)

You are now in the third staircase. (The lowest passage is blocked.) Run up to the top. Crawl into the gap and collect the small medipack. Now run into the uppest passage and collect the book in the turnable tower. The door in front opens.

Last Staircase

From the edge make a standing jump forward to land on the lower step. Climb up and enter the passage. Drop down and follow the tunnel. In this last staricase you'll find a large medipack at the bottom. Collect it. There you'll also see a white-crystal-ghost. (You have to follow it.) Run up the ramp. From the end make a running jump a bit to the left to get onto the second ramp. (Alternatively you can jump up to the second ramp from underneath. Grab the ledge and pull yourself up.)
Secret 3: On the top turn left to face the hole in the wall. Make a running jump straight towards it. Lara won't reach the hole but will grab the ceiling instead. Monkey Climb forward till you're at the wall above the opening. Let go and grab the lower ledge. Crawl in. You'll come to a hole. Turn around and hang backwards from the ledge. Shimmy to the right till you're on the other side. Crawl in and collect the golden rose. Return the way you came and drop down into the room. You'll land on the first ramp. Get back onto the second one.
Now again on top of the second ramp turn to face the ledge on the left. Make a running jump and grab the ledge. Pull yourself up. Turn around and from the edge make a standing jump onto the next ramp. Follow the path up till you meet a passage on the left. Slide down.


Follow the passage till you're outside. You're now in a maze, where an ugly creature is lurking. But you can jump over pits and it can't. Run straight ahead. Jump over the pit. (The creature is coming from the left.) Take the first turn to the right. Turn left and jump over the next pit. Turn left at the end. Jump over another pit and take the next turn left. Jump over another pit and follow the passage to a slope. (On the left you can see the upper level and on the right you can see the lower level. In case you drop into any of the holes you have to return to 1 the only possiblity where you can leave the lower level.) Slide down. Pick up the large medipack in the middle. Run towards the open mummy case ahead.
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