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Endurance Mode is part of the Season Pass or can be bought individually for $9.99 or £ 6.99. In this mode the player has to collect artefacts while surviving the harsh conditions in Siberia. One has to actively search for food and warm up at fires, and the nights get pretty rough.


... on the Xbox One

A little reminder: To download/install this pack to your Xbox One, first go to "My games & apps", there highlight "Rise of the Tomb Raider" and press the menu button (the right one, the one with the three lines), choose "Manage game". On the page that opens you should be able to see which content you own and install whatever you are missing, in this case "Endurance Mode".

Getting Started

Once you have bought, downloaded and installed the game, choose "Expeditions", here you change the mode to "Endurance" (once to the left from Score Attack; CHANGES: or twice if you have obtained "Cold Darkness Awakened"). If you are new, you pick "Tutorial", otherwise choose "Siberian Wilderness" and any difficulty, that suits you.

You should debate what your target in this mode is. If you want to reach a nice score, you may want to pick a higher difficulty, if you want to survive for a long time and/or get the Achievements without too much fuss, choose a lower one. If in doubt, pick Tomb Raider.

Achievements & Challenges

Achievements and Challenges are dependent on one another. You can only get those achievements whose challenge you have accepted. Seriously, surviving for 10 days won't get you "Great Outdoors" unless you had picked the corresponding challenge before starting the game.

My suggestion is you start off easy and do the more difficult challenges later.

First Setup

Let's get the silly thing out of the way first.
  • Nope
Escape after surviving for one day without any artifacts. It doesn't really matter which cards you pick, as long as you pick the challenge "Nope", nothing should hinder you from getting the Achievement. Simply survive the first day collecting food and keeping warm. When the second day starts, find a signal fire, light it up, survive the ensuing ambush and escape.

Second Setup

In the second setup we will go for the following 5 Challenges/Achievements:
  • Well Done (eat 5 small animals killed with fire)
  • Still Tastes Good (eat 5 wolves killed with poison)
  • Fast Reflexes (Destroy 3 ceiling spike traps)
  • Happy Camper (5 Days)
  • Archaeologist (5 Artifacts)
This is a nice setup for the beginning, you will focus on killing animals in different ways, on overcoming traps you did not spot (which is likely to happen on your first endurance trip) and your target is not that high, 5 days and 5 artifacts. (You do not even have to escape.)

Later Setups

  • One Way to Do It (Warm up standing in fire)
  • Nature Retreat (7 Days)
  • Vacation (7 Days and escape)
  • Master Archaeologist (10 Artifacts)
  • Great Outdoors (10 Days)
  • Great Haul (10 Artifacts, 10 Days and escape)
  • Who Needs a Map? (Locate 5 crypts)
  • Raider (5 Codices or Sarcophagi)
  • Skillful Raider (5 Codices or Sarcophagi, no trap)
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